A Dressing table with a Mirror

When it comes to functionality and beauty, no room is complete without a dressing table with a mirror #MargateCustomMade

You have to admit that a dressing table with a mirror is a women’s favorite thing. Especially for women how like make-up and jewelry! The dresser is a multi-function piece of furniture with draws for storage. This is perfect to make sure your clothes are appropriate for all occasions, whether it’s a date or something a bit more casual. No wonder this piece of furniture is an essential piece of furniture for the the home. It will be a used and treasured for years to come.

Because of the huge demand, Margate Furnishers stock a wide range of custom made dressing tables in all shapes and sizes. Click here to view these items. Or simply contact us for more information info@furnituremargate.co.za | (039) 312-2448 | www.furnituremargate.co.za

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