Appliances (26 posts)

Are you in the market for new kitchen and laundry appliances and televisions? We have a wide variety available in store, and if we don't have what you are looking for, we will source it for YOU! Articles you can expect to find include: kitchen appliances and there uses such as interesting recipes. How to make laundry less of a chore and more of a pleasure. The history and revolution of the television, the convenience we have come to love, interior design advice for you kitchen, the factuality of certain appliances, guarantees, local and global trends as well as Interesting & fun did you know and facts.


Beds (26 posts)

All things bedding related including - quality, comfort, style, health benefits, brands reviews, testimonials, fun & interesting did you knows and facts.


Custom Made (21 posts)

A look at the world of custom furniture. The uniqueness, exclusivity, build quality, local and global trends, interior design advice, custom celeb homes and furniture as well as benefits of custom made furniture. Interesting and Fun did you knows and Facts.


Dining Room (14 posts)

What you can expect to see in this category includes all things related to style, functionality, build quality, local and global trends, interior design advice, how to entertain, the importance of family time, recipes, and creative ideas for the use of dining tables like puzzle building.


Furniture talk (12 posts)


Lounge (32 posts)

Lounge and living room features such as design quality, functionality, local and global trends, interior design advice, the history and evolution of the lounge area, family time and entertaining, relaxing activities, pros and cons of different fabrics and how to care for your lounge furniture.


News (59 posts)

In news, we chat about those decor, advise, lifestyle, fun family activities, interesting how-to's and SO much more!


Outdoors (23 posts)

When it comes to South African’s we are one of the nations that enjoy the outdoor life style the most! In this category you can expect to find articles such as braai recipes, friends and family entertaining advice, functionality of outdoor furniture, outdoor design advice, and seasonal products to suite the South African climate, celebs and their extreme outdoor areas, outdoor lifestyle and how to properly care for outdoor furniture.


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