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Cleaning your stove has never been easier #MargateAppliances

At Margate Furnishers you will find a large range of both electric and gas stoves to suit your needs. Whether you have a gas stove or an electric stove top, these house cleaning tips remove cooked-on stains.

For a glass cook top, use a single-edged scraper. You should soak the area first with strongest cleaner your kitchen appliance can handle. After letting it sit, scrap slowly, firmly, and carefully, holding the blade at around a 35-degree angle. Don’t press too hard.

For a gas burner if your home appliance manual says you can run the grates in a dishwasher, do so on a regular basis. To remove cooked-on stains first, soak them in warm, soapy water and scrub gently. You can use a scouring pad on grates that aren’t coated, but a sponge for those that are.

For electric coil burners easy cleaning: Unplug the coil and wipe it with a warm, soapy sponge. Don’t wet the electrical connection, and dry it thoroughly before reconnecting.

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