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Walking along the beach, you might not even notice the pieces of driftwood that turn up around you. However, these inconspicuous gifts from mother nature can turn your home into something beautiful. But if you are anything like me, you would like to know how to clean driftwood properly before you use it.

It’s actually quite simple, and if you have small pieces to clean you can do them all fairly quickly. All you need is a little bleach, a little water and a couple of weeks and you can clean small driftwood pieces easily.

How to clean driftwood

After you’ve collected your wood, gather and sort it into sizes to make the process easier. First, you’ll need to use a small brush to clean off any dirt or loose debris. Just give it a good brush down all the way around, you can rinse the wood if you’d like to get off any mud.

In a bucket of water, make the soaking solution – using 2 cups of bleach per 4 litres of water. Put the wood into the mixture, and soak it for five days, changing the water every day. If it floats to the top too much, you can hold it down with a heavy object (like a rock).

Let all of the wood dry out thoroughly before use, storing it in a low humidity environment during dry time. Most pieces will take 1-2 weeks, but larger pieces might take longer. Just be sure it is completely dry before using for projects.

Once your driftwood is dry, you can use it for decorating or crafting without worry that it might have critters inside. Plus the bleach helps to lighten up the colour of the wood and make it even prettier.  It’s perfect for making photo frames, wreaths, and even signs. Pretty much any project gets a little prettier with the help of a little driftwood.

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