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Don’t be left hungry because of load shedding, make the switch to gas kitchen appliances. They are an investment and will add to the selling value of your home #MargateAppliances 

Margate Furnishers carry a wide range of gas ovens and stoves. Don’t let the power outages leave your family hungry.

Make sure that if you are cooking by gas, you follow the basic rules of thumb as listed below:

  • Always make sure your stove is fitted with genuine parts supplied by the original gas appliance manufacturer.
  • Be very careful to ensure adequate ventilation – ideally, open windows and operate the exhaust fan every time you cook.
  • Follow the instruction manual carefully.
  • Use cooking pots of a suitable diameter to that of the burner.
  • When using a frying pan (preferably not teflon), place it over and close to the center of the burner.
  • Keep the burners and trivets clear of grease by cleaning regularly, ensuring the burner holes remain unblocked. If anything should boil over, clean the burner as soon as possible.
  • Regularly check whether the flexible gas tubing is damaged or the connection joints have come loose.
  • Have the appliance checked regularly (every 12 to 18 months) by a registered gas contractor.

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