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Our showroom at Margate Furnishers has something to suit everyone’s taste. A wide range of beautiful single, multiple piece, or even full chair sets in all styles and finishes.

Be creative when mixing it up with chairs, whether they are for your dining room, lounge, office or entertainment area. Consider customising your living space with custom furniture or even just mix and match items until you get the desired result.

Shake up the traditional matched dining set is a great way to personalize your dining room. The flexibility of mixing and matching can even save you some cash, since you aren’t tied to buying a full set of identical chairs — but it does take some finesse to get it right. Here are three dining chair combinations that strike the right balance between eclectic and pulled together.

1. High-backed bench on one side, folding chairs on the other. The casual vibe of simple café-style folding chairs is balanced here by a comfortable upholstered settee on the other side and slipcovered chairs at the ends. This style is perfect is you are working on a tight budget.

2. Different chairs, same color. Sort of like the trend in bridesmaids’ dresses to have the ladies pick their own dresses as long as they are in the same hue, mixing and matching chair shapes is easy when you match the color. It does help to choose chairs in the same general style (modern, traditional) to keep them feeling like a set.

3. Different chairs at the ends. The end chairs don’t need to be upholstered to be different, a pair in a style that’s different from the rest is all you need to mix things up. This combination opens up multiple styles you can change with only need to purchase 2 chairs at a time.

You are only limited by your own creativity, thank goodness for Google to help when you have a design block

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