DIY home decor ideas

Here are awesome DIY home decor ideas that will breathe fresh life into your home while not breaking the bank!  Best of all there are no serious handyman or crafting skills required. A lot of the DIYs on this list even tap into today’s top home design trends. Plus, just think about how great it’ll feel…

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12 common dreams and interpretations

Do you enjoying dreaming? Find out what their interpretation is by clicking here #MargateBeds  If you are having bad dreams, then it’s definitely time for a new bed! For the best quality beds at the best possible prices there is only one place to shop, and that’s at Margate Furnishers. Falling This dream a “red…

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6 Microwave Hacks

6 Microwave Hacks to make your life easier in the kitchen #MargateAppliances Once you get your new microwave from Margate Furnishers try out these hacks and let us know if they made your time in the kitchen easier! We would love to hear from you! For more information please contact us info@furnituremargate.co.za | www.furnituremargate.co.za |…

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