Family History Month

October is one of our favourite months of the year because we get to celebrate Family History Month! We consider our customers as part of our FAMILY. So we have a LOT to be thankful for! We all have a history, and that history extends far back beyond ourselves. Every ancestor we have has left…

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Get Organized Month

We love January, as we celebrate Get Organized Month. There are many ways of being organized, but some of us have better organization skills than others. A bit of organization can make even the most chaotic of spaces relatively manageable. Sometimes being organized is actually a safety issue. Think about the job of a surgeon…

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White wine day

Did you know that the 3rd of August is known as White wine day? Let’s take a look at what this day really means. There is a positive rainbow of wines in the world, but none so sweet and fair as those that are deemed white. Make no mistake, white wines are rarely if every…

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