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What is Human Rights Day

What is Human Rights Day and why we celebrate it?   What are human rights? Human rights are rights that everyone should have simply because they are human. In 1948, the United Nations defined 30 articles of human rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It established universal human rights based on humanity, freedom,…

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Heritage Day what the day is about

Let’s take a look at Heritage Day, what the day is about and where ‘Braai Day’ originated. However you choose to celebrate the day, we hope you have an amazing time! Heritage Day, Braai Day or Shaka Day. Depending on who you ask, 24 September means something different to South Africans. Here’s what you need…

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Youth Day 2016

Margate Furnishers wishes all South Africans an outstanding Youth Day 2016. Let us all take a moment to remember our fallen heroes. For more information please contact us | | (039) 312-2448 Connect with us and share your photos of your goodies from Margate Furnishers and tag #MargateFurnishers Facebook | Twitter | Youtube…

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