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  1. Falling
    This dream a “red flag from your subconscious.” She believes this dream is common in people who are having a major life problem with work, relationships, or elsewhere.
  2. Teeth falling out
    The experts greatly disagree on this one. One experts views are teeth as a symbol of power and confidence. This dream is supposedly a sign that something happened in the dreamer’s life that has caused him or her to lose confidence. According to another expert, teeth are a bad omen and represent a broken relationship. While a nother expert has a Freudian answer to this dream. For women, she believes the dream is an example of wish-fulfillment—they want to become pregnant. For men, it is a desire for sexual stimulation.
  3. Showing up to work or school naked
    The experts largely agree that this dream represents vulnerability and anxiety. An exports research reveals that this dream is “common to people who have accepted a promotion, gone off to a new job, or who are coming into public view.”
  4. Test-taking
    Perfectionists tend to have recurring stressful test-taking dreams. The dream reminds a person to stay alert. Experts believes that in adults, these dreams draw parallels between school and a job. Because both places see a lot of pressure-filled situations.
  5. Dying
    One experts interpretation is that this dream “reveals the wish to terminate something in life: a relationship, a job, a career path, or even the past.” This dream is not necessarily a nightmare. The dream could also be interpreted to encourage a person to embark on a new endeavor or fresh start.
  6. Meeting a celebrity
    The actual celebrity is relevant and may reveal what talents the dreamer values. Celebrities are a symbol of a personal need for recognition.
  7. Being chased
    Despite the nightmarish feel of this dream, Experts considers it a positive sign. They believe that this dream is supposed to encourage the dreamer to finally face a problem that has been hanging over his or her head.
  8. Partner is cheating
    Most of these authorities agree that this dream should not be taken as clairvoyance. The cheating dream happens when your mate is spending too much time and attention on something that does not involve you.
  9. Showing up late to something
    This dream might be a sign that someone is overwhelmed and doing too much, experts interpret this lateness as a warning: “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”
  10. Flying
    This dream encourages a person to let go of current issues and allow things to fall naturally into place.
  11. Being pregnant
    Some experts understands this dream as a sign that the dreamer is having problems. While others view it as a need, either to start a creative project or become a parent. Or the dream may be representative of a new idea that has recently come to the person.
  12. Driving an out-of-control vehicle
    Experts warn that this is a sign that a current bad habit may become a long-term problem.

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