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Read these 5 Ways To Use An Ottoman For More Than Just Your Feet #MargateLounge

If you are looking to add some style into one of your rooms, then your first choice should be an Ottaman. Margate Furnishers carry a wide an impressive range. Come and have a look at our show room based on Marine Drive in Margate, South Coast KZN.

Have you ever realised that the cushion you rest your feet on has so many purposes? The ottoman has come a long way, and in today’s décor, it can be used as storage, extra seating, and a coffee table! From small ones to oversized ones, ottomans are the hidden gem that may be missing from your space.  Don’t overlook this handy piece of furniture for space saving, or just making a statement in the middle of the room. Here are 10 ways you can use ottomans to enhance your room.

  1. Side Table or Coffee Table: Add a piece of wood or plastic to the top to help balance drinks and keep moisture away and you’re all set. Look for cool cutting boards or something you have around the house. If you’d like to take it a step further, add a piece of felt to the inside to help catch drips.
  2. Dog Bed: If your space is small, a blanket on an ottoman works just as well as bringing in an additional bed from a retail store. Although they’re nice, in a small space you might not have the area, plus most dogs will love the blanket that smells like their human more than a bed.
  3. Extra Dining Room Table Seating: Some ottomans might be too short for this function, but with the addition of a board across the top (if they’re extra squishy) or even a few throw pillows, you have extra seating without having to shove a few folding chairs under your bed.
  4. Baby Changer: Although a true changing table can be a luxury, the truth of the matter is, you’re going to end up changing a diaper pretty much everywhere. Keep a small box of supplies where your family actually spends time and plan on making it the place to be. They’re usually soft enough to keep them supported without rolling off (for awhile) and it will be slightly easier on your back than always changing them on the floor.
  5. Hidden Items: Sure, we might use an ottoman that opens for small things like blankets or pillows,

How do you use your ottomans? Is there one we left off the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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