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We have the ultimate guide to furnishing your holiday home like a professional. The best part is that these tips and tricks can be implemented by anyone. So no interior design skills needed!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when thinking about how to furnish your holiday home. There’s lots to think about and styles to consider but before you get carried away, here are our top tips for covering the essentials.

Don’t go OTT (over the top)

Many holiday homeowners can’t wait to get stuck into decorating and furnishing once all the hard-grafting has been completed. Choosing paints, picking trimmings and carefully selecting artwork is all part of the fun to create your perfect haven. But before you get swept away in a sea of décor, remember it’s best to keep things simple. From furniture to colour schemes, less is definitely more.

Not overdoing it with patterns, colours, accessories and knickknacks will lend itself to a calmer, less cluttered and easier to clean environment.

Make the most of where you live

If you live in the heart of a coastal town (like here on the KZN South Coast) there is a lot of history to share, why not let this influence the personality of your holiday let? Guests want to feel in tune with their location and will choose a property based on what interests them and where they feel at home. From city to country to coast, make the most of where you live and let your guests feel even more connected.

Pick a good sofa

You’ve put all the hard work in and your holiday home looks beautiful, don’t fall at the final hurdle.

Imagine you’ve gone out for a long day of walking on the beach,  you’re happy and tired and want to return to your home-from-home to snuggle up and relax. You drop onto the sofa and instead of falling into a squidgy, luxurious cushion, your bottom hits the equivalent of a church bench.

Your guests’ comfort is crucial to letting success and soft furnishings play a huge part, so don’t skimp on a decent sofa and spoil a good thing!

Lucky for you we have the widest range of lounge suits, couches and sleeper sofas.

Pick a good bed

Likewise, good beds make happy guests. Your guests are coming to your property to escape reality for a while and a great nights’ sleep is very important. A really comfortable mattress and good pillows will make them never want to get up, let alone leave your holiday home.

So if you are in the market for an extra comfortable bed, make sure to visit our showroom! You won’t be disappointed.

Create storage

Storage is a great way to keep clutter at bay, and also allows guests to temporarily stow their belongings. Remember to add plenty of storage so your guests don’t have to live out of their suitcases and can really feel at home.

We specialise in custom made wooden furniture including cupboards! The most stunning blanket boxes which double up an amazing storage box. So if you looking for a clever way to obtain more storage, look no further.

Combine quality and durability

Quality and durability are the winning combinations for any holiday home. Pick furnishings and fittings that will last and your self-catering accommodation will keep from looking tired and worn.

That is exactly what you can look forward to getting with dealing with us.

We would like to end of by giving a huge shout and saying thank you to the good people at Classic Uk for this awesome article, we are sure our readers will love these tips and tricks.

Margate Furnishers is more than just your local supplier of high-quality furniture, we are a team of people dedicated to making your vision a reality. No matter what you are looking for, we will have it, make it or order it! So don’t compromise on your dream home, visit our showroom to see ready to go stock or speak to us about our custom wood furniture division.

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We would love to see you, our loyal customers using the goodies you have purchased from us @MargateFurnishers


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