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Gas vs. electric? Gas appliances have been around for many years but only now has the appreciation for them reached the level it should!

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We have one of the best ranges of gas stoves that would accommodate the novice home cook all the way up to a professional kitchen. We also stock gas heaters to keep you warm this winter and for many winters to come.

Preparing and cooking of meals can be a very enjoyable thing. This is especially true for people that enjoy cooking for themselves or their friends and family. It is usually people that have someone to cook for that enjoy cooking. Those that live by themselves and have no one to cook for may not enjoy it as much.

Cooking with an electric stove can be very costly as electric stoves use up a lot of electricity. The oven, especially, uses up a lot of electricity and food that is cooked in an oven usually requires a long period of time to cook. Roasts and casseroles need a few hours to cook thoroughly and all this time amounts to a lot of electricity usage, which then amounts to a high electricity bill.

This is why gas stoves are becoming more popular. One of the most appealing things about them is that they are very energy efficient as they run solely off gas. The amount of money you will spend on gas is astoundingly less compared to the amount you will spend on electricity. Gas stoves can also be cheaper to buy than a good electric stove.

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