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Help us collect bread tags for a wheelchair for our Mandela Day initiative!

Your bread tags and plastic bottle caps can help make a wheelchair for someone in need (we are a drop-off point).

In celebration of the upcoming Nelson Mandela day, we would like to encourage everyone to get behind this amazing initiative!

Sue Martin from the Quadriplegic Association of South Africa (QASA) gives us some information below on the Bread Tags for Wheelchair project.

“The project is growing from strength to strength and has donated well over 3000 wheelchairs since its inception in 2007. Not only does this initiative teach one that as a person, one can make a difference but collectively, as a team, it’s more effective and faster. The pleasure of giving is so rewarding and not only is that one person who unfortunately requires a wheelchair forever grateful as they now have independence and mobility, but the family and friends who support that person, are extremely appreciative.

The project also teaches children and the community an important lesson about looking after their environment and how good recycling, not just plastic, is. They learn that by simply collecting (and picking up off the ground & beaches whilst one is walking), one is helping the environment by recycling the plastic that would otherwise remain on the rubbish dump as it’s not biodegradable. 200kg of bread tags and 450kg of beverage tops is all that is needed to purchase a wheelchair!

Once the collection of tags and tops is handed in, QASA takes them to plastic companies, such as Polystyrene; Interwaste & Zibo Containers, who pays per kilo of plastic that is handed in. They then recycle the tags and tops into items such as seedling trays, coat-hangers, picture frames, cornices and skirtings & outdoor furniture.

Recently, the plastic companies have introduced another plastic item that can be collected, namely plastic bottle tops. There are too many to mention but tops such as the following are accepted:

  • Cold drinks bottle tops
  • Long-life and fresh milk bottle tops
  • Stay soft bottle tops
  • Bottled water tops
  • Cooking oil tops
  • Mayonnaise bottle tops

The tops that don’t meet their requirements are typical tops lined with cardboard or the very flimsy ones like the coffee cup lids. Pill canisters are also not collected.

Quadriplegic Association of South Africa (QASA), together with Bread Tags for Wheelchairs wish to thank all for their continual support in this great initiative and who so tirelessly continue to ensure the success of this project.  It honestly changes lives!”

If you would like to hear more, or get Sue Martin to talk to your school/church/company please feel free to contact either Ronelle at:


Please start collecting and feel free to drop off all your bottle caps and bread tags right here with us at Margate Furnishers.

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