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Learn how to iron and arrange pillows to make a Picture Perfect Setting #MargateLounge

Once you purchase your new stylish lounge suite from Margate Furnishers watch this video for some stunning design tips!

Arrange your pillows to get those picture-perfect pillows you only see in magazines. Here are some easy tricks for stuffing, ironing and arranging pillows for getting comfortable and stylish pillow arrangements. Begins by ironing the pillow cover and then stuffing the pillow inside it by folding it into half. Finish off by running the steam iron over the stuffed pillow once. Also check the loose corners and ensuring that it fits well in order to give it an even and perfect look.

Adding more volume to the corners can make the pillows look all the more perkier and prettier. Using extra batting like the 100% polyfill demonstrates to make pillow corners aesthetically stuffed.

The arrangement of pillows on the sofa can make a huge difference to your home dΓ©cor. Play around with various colors and textures to bring your sofa to life. Using a combination of different pillow sizes is a great way of enhancing the look of your sofa.

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