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Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts find fascinating ways to recycle and upcycle old and new items into home furnishings that save money and help create truly personal, eco-friendly and attractive living spaces.

Below are some creative reuse and recycle ideas which turn ordinary, broken or useless objects into functional, handy and stylish items.

To reuse and recycle helps get rid of clutter in your home, and design unique home decorations/art. These impressive works give great inspirations to all who are new to crafts and DIY projects, as well as to recycling experts.

Creative handmade items demonstrate that the possibilities for recycling and fun decorating are endless.

Think about what you want to transform, imagine what it can be, and upcycle the old pieces into unique home decorations/functional furniture or decor accessories for your home.

Here are some great recycling ideas for home decorating:

Think outside the box. Anything has a potential to be recycled and upcycled. Follow your instincts, get inspired, and add more beauty, comfort, creativity to your interior decorating.

Look at ordinary, lacking any interest objects from a few different angles; you never know when new ideas are going to spark. Stay attentive, notice pieces with the potential. Flea market finds, old, broken, and unused for years items around the house provide perfect materials for recycling projects. Your garden shed, garage, and attic are excellent sources of materials for DIY designs.

Recycling old suitcases for room furniture, like a night table. It’s all about you and your interior decorating ideas, favorite colors, textures, tastes, and preferences. Mix your favorite colors with classic neutral hues. Use everyday objects you do not want to throw away. Give a fresh look and new life to existing decor.

Handmade candle holders create unique interior decorating styles with a vintage touch.

Spoons make lovely candleholders, wall hooks, and pull handles. Miss-matched vases and tableware look very attractive in display boxes.

Homemade furniture, decor accessories, and lighting are ideal DIY projects to bring an exclusive feel of art and crafts into homes. Do it yourself projects and recycled crafts celebrate your personality and Green living style.

Leather belts recycle well for crafts and functional items like curtain holders, floor rugs, and seats. Natural ropes, clothespins, wooden boxes, metal wire, old wallpaper, fabric pieces, and photographs are ideal for creating unique home decorations as well.

Share a few of your favourite DIY project that have transformed your home into a unique green space.

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