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Here are some tips we came up with to make your own small office feel bigger #MargateCustomMade

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  • Make sure there is one big attention getter in the room. We say one because anything above one seems to make the eye wander around the room, focusing on the fact that the room is indeed, small. In this home office, a great attention getter is a floral patterned wallpaper (and only on one wall). That way, as you enter the office, you’re already looking at the opposite wall where the wallpaper is hung. It helped that the wallpaper had a lot going on, keeping your eyes fixed on the wall.
  • Adding a mirror–the bigger the better. Choose a medium to smallish mirror with a huge frame. The mirror acts as a second-tier attention getter by reflecting the opposite white wall. Again, creating an allusion that the room feels bigger than actually is.
  • Adding a few large scale objects. The oversized lamp and couch actually have the opposite effect that one would think. By adding these large scale objects to the small room, the viewer focuses on the grandiosity of the lamp and couch and not the size of the space.
  • Sticking to a simple color palette. Decide to go with classic black and white, making the room flow effortlessly. The viewer is allowed to focus more on the grand scale of the furniture and the one attention getter rather than be aware of the color scheme.

How do you make your office space feel bigger? Do you have any tips to share with us?

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