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We take a look at the history of the bed: FINAL SERIES #MargateBeds

Here you will learn about beds and their story in history. From the first humble bed, to the modern beds we have all come to know and love. Purchase your next bed form the best bed supplier Margate Furnishers.

  1. 1980s: Air mattresses constructed of vinyl are introduced.
  2. 1990: Spacious sleeping is once again on the rise.
  3. 1999: The queen-size mattress became America’s most popular choice for mattress size – for the first time ever – beating the twin.
  4. 2000’s: Choice and comfort are key words in contemporary bedding. In addition to an almost unlimited range of innerspring mattress designs, new types of foam mattress cores (such as “memory” or visco-elastic foam and refinements to traditional latex) as well as air beds, waterbeds and high-tech adjustable sleep sets offer consumers attractive, quality alternatives. Pillow top mattresses, a popular innovation in luxury, offer an extra layer of soft cushioning, and single-sided no-flip mattresses are common.

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