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In this series we take a look at the history of the bed – Part 1 Beds made of goatskins #MargateBeds

Here you will learn about beds and their story in history. From the first humble bed, to the modern beds we have all come to know and love. Purchase your next bed from the best bed supplier Margate Furnishers. 

  1. Neolithic period: The mattress and bed are invented. Beds are raised off the ground to avoid drafts, dirt, and pests. The first mattress probably consists of a pile of leaves, grass, or possibly straw, with animal skins over it.
  2. 3600 B.C.E.: Beds made of goatskins filled with water are used in Persia.
  3. 3400 B.C.E.: Egyptians sleep on palm boughs heaped in the corners of their homes.

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