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We pride ourselves on our ability to stay on trend. So we are happy to hear that Pantone from Vogue Living have released their top ten colours for 2017!

2017 will be the year of Greenery! Take inspiration from nature and the environment around you for the best way to incorporate these 10 amazing colours into not just your home but your wardrobe, design and all things creative.

This year, the list of trendy colours is decidedly subdued. Featuring plenty of muted, earthy tones, including Kale and Hazelnut, with pops of primary colours like Lapis Blue and Primrose Yellow.

Following this yearly announcement everything from fashion trends to interior design will feature these colour themes. So make sure you get ahead of the trend by coming past our showroom or visiting our Online Catalogue for everything you need to incorporate these amazing colours into your home.

Kale used in the living room: Not just a food trend, Kale is predicted as one of the top Pantone colours for the year 2017. Great introduced subtely with an ottoman, cushion or atwork…

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